# Phase 1 (end)

Venus Master Phase 1 started from Sept. 20, 2021 running until Feb.6, 2022. To be a Venus Master, participant should continuously contributes to the development of the Filecoin network with full experience in coding, mining or service. Selected Masters will provide consulting services and technical support to the storage providers in the Incubation Center, ensure these participants to expand the distributed storage pool service in the Filecoin network.

# Results

Phase1 of Venus Master has ended in Feb.2022, There were 4 individuals who made their contribution as Venus Master for the community, they are:

Slack ID Region
@Dennis Zou Aisa
@Jello Huang Asia
@cryptozou Asia
@mariswang Asia

A total of 1000FIL Rewards Pool were partly distributed to the masters based on their service performance.