# Free Remote Operation Service Introduction

We hear you!

Venus community has been operating Venus SP Incubator for almost a year, among the application forms, there are many SPs are interested in becoming a Filecoin SP through the Venus SP Incubator although they don't have a devops team to do remote storage providing operation service. Until now the problem no longer restrict you from becoming a Filecoin SP!

A thrid party organization who has the ability to provide business level service is willing to share their talent. The remote operation service will be free of charge in the first three months which also means the organization will help SPs finish the first time deployment of Venus remotely to build a node.

# Service Content

Three months of free service, deploying Venus and making sure the node is running smoothly on Filecoin. Providing thorough solution based on user's equipments.

# Target Audience

The SPs who are using Lotus, Venus or any implementations. If you are:

a. Owning servers and leasing one's own IDC, but lack of Devops to run Filcoin. Node QAP higher than 5PiB.

b. SP who starts from scratch.

Don't hesitate to contact with us.

# Service Process

  1. SP fills the application form and then Venus team will contact with the SP to know basic information of the node.
  2. The third party service team will provide the SP with a plan.
  3. SP signs the agreement of the service. SP grants the remote access of the servers.
  4. The third party starts deployment and keeps remotely monitoring.
  5. When the service is end, the service team will hand over the work back to SP.

# Disclaimer

The third party organization in this program has rich experience on deployment of implementations on Filecoin not only on Venus but also on Lotus.However the network is at an early stage and there are many times of network upgrades, the voluneteers are not taking responsibility of the performance of SP output and any third party loss from the operating.

Users should provide storage service under the permission by law. If the SP is not operating legally then the third party can stop the service anytime and the SP shall bear all legal responsibilities.

Users should not use or represent "Venus Official" to promote their own business.

# Other Service

The third party can provide longer period of remote storage providing operation service and consulting service on hardware purchasing.

# Common Questions

  1. Devops requires users to provide remote access to servers, but will not directly contact fil assets
  2. The Venus team will do a preliminary screening of the user's equipment. Very old equipment is not recommended to access the filecoin network. Becuase there will be many cases of punishment of collaterals.
  3. At this moment, we only support equipments that are deployed in a data center.
  4. An user should provided the list of equipments at once, and the new hardware or parts that do not match the device list during the service process cannot guarantee timely deployment and operation and maintenance.
  5. The three-month free service period starts from the signing of the contract by both parties.

# Contact Us

Please fill out application form here (opens new window) and our representitive will be reaching out to you.