# Introducing Venus SP Incubator P3

The Filecoin Foundation cooperated with the Venus team to launch the third phase of the Venus Storage Provider Incubator. The Incubator will continue to provide technical and financial support for Filecoin storage providers around the world who run Venus to ensure the smooth operation of Venus nodes. We hope that anyone, regardless of size, resources or computing power, can contribute to Filecoin storage service, build a more robust and resilient internet infrastructure, and protect humanity's most important information.

# About the Storage Provider Incubator

The Incubator brings together the resources of the Filecoin Foundation and the Venus team to provide storage providers with financial support, technical support, and complete Venus Chain Service. Venus Chain Service is based on Venus' unique distributed storage pool architecture, which is a cost-effective way to reduce the overall cost of hardware maintenance when providing storage services on the Filecoin network. Therefore, participants can enter the Filecoin network with a lower threshold, making it easier and more convenient to join the network.

With progress brought by the development of Venus in the past six months, we received hundreds of applications in the first two phases of the Incubator, and finally successfully incubated and operated dozens of storage providers from Asia, North America, and Europe. Important contributions have been made to the development of Venus and the building of the community.

# Start the third phase of the Venus SP Incubator

We are very pleased to inform you that the third phase of the incubator is now launched, and we encourage all storage providers in Filecoin community to join us. This new phase of Incubator will also bring experience improvements for participants, such as the venus-cluster. In addition, we have updated some rules based on past community feedback, please see below.

# Rules

The duration for the third phase of the Incubator is 12 months. The extension is designed to provide ongoing support for storage providers, and to allow storage providers more time to access services, integrate into the community and grow with Venus to better serve the Filecoin network. It is recommended that storage providers participating in the incubation center comprehensively consider the matching of the sector life cycle and the Incubator duration.

Storage providers participating in this program can use the latest version of Venus and use the Venus Chain Service for free.

After successfully accessing the mainnet through Venus Chain Service, participants must seal at least 32 sectors (1TiB) per day. Participants can continue to participate in the program until the end of the phase. The Venus Chain Service of the Incubator will be started on May 16, 2022.

There is no limit to the number of participants.

Note: Filecoin Community Code of Conduct (opens new window) applies to this program.

# Participants Bonus Reward

Bonus/FIL Milestone
15 Successfully joined the Incubator and completed the PoRep for the first sector
25 Reach 10TiB storage power growth in Incubator(based on data from filscan.io)
50 Reach 50TiB storage power growth in Incubator(based on data from filscan.io)
10 Actively communicate with others in Venus Slack Channel, Github or Venus Meetups

__Note: An individual/organization can earn 100FIL max. The specific timeline of bonus payment will be based on the exit timing of a participant or till the end of this phase of Incubator. __

# How To Apply

To join the third phase of the Incubator, please fill out this application form (opens new window) as completely as possible. The application will start on April 25, 2022. Click to view the participation process.

Note: This is a long-term program, so the application channel will keep open and you can submit your application now.

If you have any questions about the Incubator, you can contact the Venus team directly for assistance, contact us via email or Filecoin Slack: #fil-venus (opens new window), #fil-venus-cn (opens new window).