# Background

There are about 4000 active nodes providing a huge amount of storage power on Filecoin network now, however not all SPs are storing real data from clients.

Venus as one of the four implementations, has been proved secure and efficient on storage providing. To improve the total (data) value on Filecoin network, Venus aims to provide an easier way to get SPs involved into deal storage. By using Venus as the software to provide storage, we hope all SPs can take deals from clients and improve the total value of the network.

# About

Based on the distributed architecture of Venus and the pool mode support of venus-market, Venus Deal Accelerator provides participants with free complete chain services, deals, and necessary technical assistance.

It means that participants don’t need to install and register on a third party software, neither have to run their own market modules.

No matter what implementation a SP is using to run the node, one just needs to switch to Venus to join the program.

Venus Deal Accelerator guarantees the smooth development of the real data storage of Venus nodes, and promotes the development of Filecoin storage.

# Rules

There is a total of 20PiB deals with datacap to be distributed in 12 months (before June 2024).

Each SP can get upto 1PiB deals throughout the whole program.

SPs need to join the Venus Chain Service that is provided by the Venus Team or deploy their own Venus Chain Service to be qualified for the Accelerator.

SPs need to finish the sealing of deals they received before applying more deals.

Note that the Deal Accelerator will conduct data transfer online/offline in suitable situations.

# How To Apply

To join the Venus Deal Accelerator, please fill out this application form (opens new window). Venus team will contact with you as soon as possible.

# Contact us

If you have any questions about the Venus Deal Accelerator, you can contact the Venus team directly for assistance, contact us via email or Filecoin Slack: #fil-venus (opens new window)#fil-venus-cn (opens new window)